Switch off your autopilot with 1 on 1 coaching. Because things can always be better,working more effectively and with less effort. Yet, it takes new perspectives andsome courage to take a different path. Are you up for the challenge?

Your benefits

  • Fresh perspectives on the context andthe role you play in the current situation
  • Insight into the underlying patterns andblockages – of yourself, your team, theorganization and what you can do tobreak through
  • The courage to step out of yourcomfort zone, and take the necessarysteps to create success

Set up

  • Select your coach: Florence or Francine
  • Personal intake interview: set your goalsand ambitions
  • Choose the most suitable approach: 1 hour coaching sessions or acceleration sessions of 3 hours
  • Debriefing and sign coaching contract
  • Agenda: schedule your sessions, online or face-to-face

For leaders

  • who want to get the best out of themselves, their team and their organization,
  • and who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and get into action!



Big, hairy chunks of work such as strategy, a project charter, andbudgetplanning require high quality teamwork, in-depth conversationsand aligned action! No matter the digital tools, video-conferencing canfeel transactional, tiring and insufficient. We offer online facilitation thatdelivers great results, because we capture the heads and hearts of allparticipants. For brilliant teamwork you need done NOW!

Your benefits


  • design the program for your workshop
  • create a setting of safety and trust
  • manage time and energy 

create a visual reflection of the outcomes

So you:

  • can focus on the content
  • get the clarity and actionplan you need 

For whom

  • Managers 
  • Product Owners 
  • Project Managers

with a big topic to crack now!


 It’s a great team building experience that increases commitment to your plans!

Your investment

Prices start at € 1.250,- for a 3-hour workshop, 4-8 participants, including briefing and visual debriefing.

Interested how we can support you inyour virtual meeting that has to delivergreat results?

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Leadership 4.0 is critical for sustained business success. In this in-company program, your middle and senior managers will grow in theirpersonal presence, managerial effectiveness and leadership capacity.We build critical competencies in a VUCA world: agile working,fostering innovation, leading change, through experiential learning.Tailormade to meet your specific business challenges. 


  • Increase your impact and influence with insightinto the secrets of behavioral psychology
  • Tactical and strategic management: navigatinguncertainty, top risk assessment, scenariothinking, resource management & success KRO’s
  • Systemic change management: discover hiddenbarriers and get the tools to change the game 
  • Dealing with resistance: avoid the drama withthe art of emotion management
  • Stakeholder management: creating success inlarge complex organizational settings
  • Advanced inspiration and communication:purpose driven performance, non-verbal impact,storytelling, negotiating & conflictmanagement,building high performance teams
  • Increased problem-solving capacity, creativityand innovative power, with the principles ofAgile, LEAN, gamification and visual thinking
  • Courageous leadership: my personal steps andbreakthroughs towards next level performance

Program set up

  • Personal intake interview with each participant,setting goals and ambitions
  • 4 sessions of 3 days live training + evenings
  • 4 individual coaching sessions per participant
  • Groups of 8-12 participants
  • ICF certified trainers, with strong businessbackground and seasoned leadership experience
  • In-company: tailormade to your business context 
  • Location to your preference


  • Leadership 4.0: achieve more, with less effort 
  • Boost decisiveness, entrepreneurship,innovation and cross-functional collaboration
  • Acceleration of organizational developmentwith managers building high performance teams


Middle and senior managers & projectmanagerswith > 7 years of experience, who want toaccelerate their personal effectiveness andachieve unprecedented results!


€49.500,- for tailormade in-company program, including 2 personal assessment reports, excluding VAT, excluding cost of venue. 

Contact us to explore your needs in leadershiptraining & coaching at:

„We help organizations uncover root causes, get unstuck, envision the future and keep moving.“